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My jQuery Internet Explorer warning box politely asking users to upgrade their browser

As if she weren't annoying enough, my friend Krista complained to me that my site didn't work in IE and I need to fix it. Naturally, I knew this all along but I hadn't actually checked what it looked like. (I had had a quick look-see in IE 6 - which I doggedly do not upgrade at home for testing purposes - but not caring about IE 6 for my personal site sustains me.) So I finally had a look with IE 8 and the result was shockingly poor. I actually expected it to look normal but the background colour for the main content areas was black so none of the site's text was legible.

The Culprit

It turns out the problem was my experimentation with alpha transparency in background colours. RGBA colours are part of the CSS 3 specification and allow you to have background colours with transparency. I was using rgba instead of rgb and that is where IE gets confused. I figured IE 8 could handle it and never bothered checking. (remember, this is my personal site, visited mostly by family, friends and bots - potential employers can check out a non-hobby site) So anyway, IE doesn't understand something like background-color:rgba(212,156,103,0.7) so the site's content areas were inheriting the body's black background making the text illegible. Changing back to old-fashioned rgb fixed the problem. So thanks to Krista for reminding me to check with IE 8 and now she can go get stuck in the Seattle rain.

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