1995 Volvo 940 For Sale

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Update: The car has been purchased for its transmission. Obviously, it is no longer for sale.

I have a spare Volvo in my drive and I would like to get rid of it. Why, you ask? I got a good deal on a slightly younger Volvo and we don't need two cars. I would prefer an "as is" sale since I do not want to bother with running around to get the safety inspection done. I'm totally happy letting you take the car to your mechanic to get it checked out. The car is located in Toronto's Beaches neighbourhood.


  • cheap ($850 - $900 o.b.o.)
  • has never let me down
  • brakes are good
  • battery is new
  • power steering hose and blower motor recently replaced
  • passed Drive Clean in September 2010


  • 457,000 km! (but it just keeps going)
  • radio works, but telescopic antenna does not Antenna replaced, radio works fine
  • minor body damage (hole from car jack slipping and puncturing hole) just in front of right rear wheel well - probably just needs to gunk in there to pass safety inspection
  • cigarette burn (not mine) in driver's seat


1995 Volvo 940 for sale
1995 Volvo 940 for sale
1995 Volvo 940 for sale
1995 Volvo 940 for sale
1995 Volvo 940 for sale
1995 Volvo 940 for sale
1995 Volvo 940 for sale
1995 Volvo 940 for sale
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