Present Employment:

Drupal Developer
Chromatic (U.S. based, distributed company specializing in Drupal)
2015 - Present
  • Part of a kick-ass team that builds awesome Drupal websites
  • Distributed company, we all work virtually

What I am reading (and when I was reading it)


The Ascent of Money - Niall Ferguson

History of money and financial innovation. Recommended and loaned to me by Erik S.

A Farewell to Arms - Ernest Hemingway

Needed a book to read while in Washington D.C. and Borders had this one for cheap.

The Intelligent Investor - Benjamin Graham

Classic book about value investing.

About Me

Apr 2018 - After living in Canada all my life, I moved to Estonia in August 2007 to build web sites/applications for the Estonian Foreign Ministry. I was supposed to stay for a year but life got in the way and I was there for 3 years, coming back to Canada with a wife and two kids in August 2010.

I continued to work remotely for the Estonian Foreign Ministry and also took on freelance web projects to fill my time. In January 2011, I took a contract with TVO who were re-designing their website(s) and moving them to Drupal. After that project ended I moved to CGI, again working with Drupal on multiple projects. In autumn 2012 I joined the Drupal team at K2 Digital where I was reunited with a (relatively) large CGI emigré community.

In July 2013, eager to be closer to the EU economic crisis, we moved the family back to Estonia and I took a job with the Estonian Government Office (Riigikantselei = State Chancellery). I was a technical and support bridge in migrating existing Estonian ministry websites onto a shared Drupal platform.

In June 2015 I began working for Chromatic, a distributed U.S. company that specialises in Drupal. Distributed means I work from home, there's no office and all our work is done virtually, except for the two times per year we get together: our team retreat in December and DrupalCon in April/May.

With this personal site I add to the bulk of 1s and 0s in the world so that I can have a place to call my own. My blog entries are modest efforts to work out my own thoughts - mainly in the realm of working through technical issues. If even one wayward coder stumbles across this site and finds a solution to his/her problem, then I'll be satisfied as so many google searches and random blogs have helped me.

I spend my free time keeping up my tech skills, reading, dabbling with investing and finding excuses to skip exercise by hanging out at home with my family.

As purveyor of this site, I cannot be held responsible for your dissatisfaction nor are there any guarantees that you will not be offended.

p.s. Internet Explorer disclaimer I may or may not choose to eventually test this site in Internet Explorer. If you are viewing in a standards-compliant browser, this site's layout should be just fine. If you are using a dated version of IE, it's possible you can't even see this text. Too much of my life has been spent making things work once in standards-compliant browsers and then a 2nd time in Internet Explorer. Since this is my site, I have reserved the right to not really bother with IE.

Estonia vs Portugal

Located in:

Lisbon, Portugal - October 2001

In October 2000 we went to the Emerald Isle to see Estonia play Ireland in a World Cup qualifying match in Dublin. The trip was such a success that we decided to do it again in 2001, except this time Estonia was away to Portugal.

While Ireland was lovely, its October weather could not match Portugal's warm sunshine. We spent a fun-filled week touring around the country and then arrived in Lisbon to see the match. As luck would have it, several other loose connections of friends and acquaintances were in Europe at the same time and we all met up in Lisbon the night before the game. The bulk of us were from Toronto but other representatives came from New York, Seattle and Vancouver. In all, there were something like 21 of us going to see the game. I was the one organising the tickets.

Robbing a Stranger

Located in:

Lagos, Portugal - October 2001

Our trip to Portugal was equally balanced by sightseeing and partying. In Lagos we were convinced to stay at a private home and the granny that lived there would not allow the boys and girls in our group to share rooms. (after several nights of wild sex orgies, I suppose this was a welcome relief)

Our first night in town probably counted as the one with the heaviest consumption. It ran late for most but ended abruptly for one individual who had sipped too much Absinthe. (no, not me) Anyway, let's just say we're happy the boys' room had tiled floors which were easy to clean.

On a train near Hamburg

Located in:

Hamburg, Germany - June 1999

Mossman and I were in the 3rd week of our European hostelling trip and we needed to get to Stockholm for soup while on our way to Estonia for the song festival. (the song festival happens once every 5 years and it's massive) Anyway, budget travellers know that overnight train rides are the same as overnight accomodation so the Paris - Stockholm train was a no brainer.

1972 Saab

Located in:

North of the arctic circle, Norway - July 1999

A couple of weeks after we met the crazy guy, Mossman and I visited my old friend Eero. At the time, Eero was living in a small Norwegian fishing village called Lysnes (or something like that). This village is north of the arctic circle and rests on a picturesque fjord. We had flown from Tallinn to Oslo and to save money we spent the night at the airport, sleeping on benches next to an enormous flaccid penis. Eero's one wish was for us to bring beer because in Norway, the cost is almost prohibitive. (something like $100 a case) Arriving in Oslo, I had 24 cans of Saku Originaal which was above the allowable alcohol limit stated on the customs signs. Luckily, there are two exits from the airport - one is marked in red and is for people with stuff to declare, the other is marked in green, is unattended and is meant for those with nothing to declare. Guess which one we chose? Yep - and it worked fine. The next morning we flew to Tromso and from there we had to take a boat to a place named Finnsnes where Eero would pick us up.

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