What El Capitan Broke

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For my own memory, I'm listing things that upgrading to El Capitan broke in my dev environment. (All these were working before the upgrade.)


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Or, perhaps "Revealophobia"? I was wondering whether there's a word for that feeling of, "Oops, I just clicked an advertising link or googled for something I don't really care about and now Google thinks I'm a fan of [insert product or service here]." "Misinterpreted-o-phobia"?

Use an Ad Blocker

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In Estonia, newspaper websites are generally cesspools of animated gifs and flash banners. I have been using an ad blocker for so long I had somewhat forgotten how these pages look in their natural state. I did a screenshot comparison of a page with and without an ad blocker. See for yourself.

Tuua Eestisse Jõulud 2013

  • SIM kaart Erikult
  • kalaplaadid (cedar planks)
  • vahtrasiirup
  • Frank's Hot Sauce
  • salati kausi mesilasvaha
  • nori (2 suurt pakki?)
  • man utd komplekt sanderile (iga päev tahab kanda jalgpalli särk/püksid)
  • Märdi rootsi püksid
  • kitarrikeeled
  • Sigridi must mantel (kui mahub)
  • baby butterscotch (kui mahub, aga ma ütleks väga low priority)
  • Prügi- või tuletõrjeauto (low priority)


Here for my own reference

I need a better camera

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Märt Matsoo windsurfing on Weller's Bay

As you can see from this grainy pic, the conditions on Weller's Bay can get pretty fun. (note the white caps in the distance) The problem is that if I try to capture some of it with my camera, the result is less than spectacular. Compounding the problem is the fact that our beach is quite sheltered and you don't hit clean wind until you're at least half a kilometre out.

Clicking in Views got Ajax Error Description 0

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I was running into an irritating problem where trying to update some Views properties would result in a javascript alert with an error like this:

The page at https://local-dev.domain.com says:

An error occurred at http://local-dev.domain.com/pespall/admin/build/views/ajax/display/pesap....

Error Description: 0:

Not only was the error irritating, but it prevented me from making changes in the Views interface so I couldn't do my work. My apache log would have corresponding lines like this:

Copy Paste Arrays

When I got to the point of creating a simple array with which to build a form dropdown for Canadian provinces for the umpteenth time, I decided to paste it here for future use. I suspect similarly oft-used arrays to soon follow. (U.S. states, Countries etc.)


Oh, Fido

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This August I bought a snazzy Sony Ericsson Neo during my trip to Estonia. For my two weeks there (using my local, Estonian number) it was my portable Wi-Fi router and I could access my work computer half a world away while we were doing 100 km/h driving between Tallinn and Tartu. It was my first experience having a self-contained, 24/7, mobile internet workspace and it was pretty cool.

How about that! I'm a Drupal association member.

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