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Or, perhaps "Revealophobia"? I was wondering whether there's a word for that feeling of, "Oops, I just clicked an advertising link or googled for something I don't really care about and now Google thinks I'm a fan of [insert product or service here]." "Misinterpreted-o-phobia"?

It's not the fear of my privacy being invaded; I have accepted that Google and Amazon and others know a heck of a lot about me. I just figure if they're already going to know so much, I want it to be accurate. I don't want them thinking I'm someone I'm not. (Whether I'm someone I'm not is another issue.)

Netflix recommends me almost nothing but children's programming. Our family has three different Netflix profiles and sometimes mine will be in use when my son watches a cartoon. Even so, I'm baffled by how much kids' stuff I subsequently need to scroll through when it's my turn. I would love for the following message to pop up: "We suspect Märt is an adult. Would you like us to remove all children's programming from your suggestions?" Yes, please!

If I, heaven forbid, purchase a quilting book on Amazon for my mother I'll be branded as a fan of quilting with recommendations served to me going forward. To its credit, Amazon has "Why recommended?" links, but it still means the onus is on me to clear out all the stuff I don't care about by telling Amazon about it after the fact. [Please note, I understand that from Amazon's perspective, I am a fan of quilting books as it's something I might, in the future, purchase again for my mother.]

I suppose all my petty complaining means there's still a lot of room for usability and customer experience improvements. I've gone off on a tangent here. I began just wanting to know if there's an accepted word for that feeling I mentioned at the top. I'm going with profileophobia for now.

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