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Current: Tallinn
Team: Chromatic
Position: Developer
I.T. Work Experience 17 years and 279 days | Education University of Toronto

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Pesky space screwed up string comparison in javascript

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I implemented a small script to recognise IE 6 or 7 browsers and tell them to upgrade or switch away from IE totally. It's a jQuery fade-in box at the top of the page. After offering that the user should either upgrade or switch to another browser I provide a "hide this warning for the rest of your visit" link. Clicking the link sets a cookie value that is then used to hide the IE warning for the rest of the session. (ie. hide_ie_warning = 1)

When does content type count get ridiculous?

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This is just a small, personal site built for experimentation and fun, but I already have 8 content types to choose from when I want to add a new article. Without fact checking, I think Drupal has about 3 content types (Page, Story and Blog?) when freshly installed. However, the templating system in Drupal is so powerful and, dare I say it, intuitively structured that - once you get it - it's easy to have an explosion of content types and corresponding template files to suit your needs. But when does it get out of hand?

Inline list items were breaking where they shouldn't

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One of my Drupal modules (combined with a node template) looks for (intra-article) anchor links at the beginning of the article code and then dynamically builds a menu with these links at the top of the article. (This was a somewhat messy but effective way of bringing old content with anchor links into a new environment without having to re-write the old article code.) So what? Well, it turns out a lack of white space / line breaks in my code was messing with my layout. I'll try to show you what I mean.

Banner pollution caused by zombies?

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Browsers come with pop-up blockers and banner ad blockers and all sorts of add-ons to make sites less blinky and less annoying. I can't remember anyone ever saying they like or look at banner ads. (okay, I mainly read web development stuff, but still...) Usability tests show that experienced users have developed banner blindness and don't even look at things with typical banner ad dimensions.

Changing "Search this site" text in Drupal

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I like Drupal a lot and you could say I am committed to it, but just like in any relationship, there are little things that make you scratch your head. Changing default site text ("Search this site", "Read more" etc.) is one of those things. It should be simple. Perusing Drupal forums and seeing some of the solutions people have resorted to (ie. hacking core, rolling a custom module just to implement hook_form_alter) makes you wonder if this CMS isn't just a bit too complex.

How about that! I'm a Drupal association member.

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