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Current: Tallinn
Team: Chromatic
Position: Developer
I.T. Work Experience 17 years and 279 days | Education University of Toronto

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Clicking in Views got Ajax Error Description 0

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I was running into an irritating problem where trying to update some Views properties would result in a javascript alert with an error like this:

The page at https://local-dev.domain.com says:

An error occurred at http://local-dev.domain.com/pespall/admin/build/views/ajax/display/pesap....

Error Description: 0:

Not only was the error irritating, but it prevented me from making changes in the Views interface so I couldn't do my work. My apache log would have corresponding lines like this:

Oh, Fido

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This August I bought a snazzy Sony Ericsson Neo during my trip to Estonia. For my two weeks there (using my local, Estonian number) it was my portable Wi-Fi router and I could access my work computer half a world away while we were doing 100 km/h driving between Tallinn and Tartu. It was my first experience having a self-contained, 24/7, mobile internet workspace and it was pretty cool.

1995 Volvo 940 For Sale

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Update: The car has been purchased for its transmission. Obviously, it is no longer for sale.

I have a spare Volvo in my drive and I would like to get rid of it. Why, you ask? I got a good deal on a slightly younger Volvo and we don't need two cars. I would prefer an "as is" sale since I do not want to bother with running around to get the safety inspection done. I'm totally happy letting you take the car to your mechanic to get it checked out. The car is located in Toronto's Beaches neighbourhood.

CCK fields saved in DB differently depending on # of content types using them

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I recently had the unfortunate experience of having to alter SELECT statements between my dev machine and testing machine since the database structure, which should be an exact match, had somehow changed between the two. Everything worked at good ole' localhost, but when I uploaded to the testing server, no query results were forthcoming.

That was Easy!

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Yesterday I sat down for 20 minutes with a friend who wants his website re-done. Until now he has had what I would call a proof-of-concept version that I threw together years ago as a starting point. (an online equivalent of a paper-based wireframe) I guess he was satisfied because we never subsequently sat down to develop any actual look/feel or functionality requirements. The site just stayed that way - even the bogus content I entered as placeholder text.

How about that! I'm a Drupal association member.

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