Clicking in Views got Ajax Error Description 0

Located in:

I was running into an irritating problem where trying to update some Views properties would result in a javascript alert with an error like this:

The page at says:

An error occurred at

Error Description: 0:

Not only was the error irritating, but it prevented me from making changes in the Views interface so I couldn't do my work. My apache log would have corresponding lines like this:

"OPTIONS /pespall/admin/build/views/ajax/display/pesapall_meeskond/page_1/path HTTP/1.1" 403 10933

In essence, this ajax call was being met with a 403 Forbidden. I played with my apache config, but had no luck fixing it. Finally, staring at the javascript error alert for the umpteenth time, it was saying "The page at https://..." and "An error occurred at http://...". Could it be something to do with SSL?

My Fix

My dev environment was using https because the project I was working on had the Drupal Secure Pages module enabled for admin pages. (ie. any admin pages need to be served over https) Eureka! I disabled the Secure Pages module on my local dev environment, re-loaded the View I was working on with http (not https) and that nasty error went away. So now, back to work!

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