Oh, Fido

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This August I bought a snazzy Sony Ericsson Neo during my trip to Estonia. For my two weeks there (using my local, Estonian number) it was my portable Wi-Fi router and I could access my work computer half a world away while we were doing 100 km/h driving between Tallinn and Tartu. It was my first experience having a self-contained, 24/7, mobile internet workspace and it was pretty cool.

That was Easy!

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Yesterday I sat down for 20 minutes with a friend who wants his website re-done. Until now he has had what I would call a proof-of-concept version that I threw together years ago as a starting point. (an online equivalent of a paper-based wireframe) I guess he was satisfied because we never subsequently sat down to develop any actual look/feel or functionality requirements. The site just stayed that way - even the bogus content I entered as placeholder text.

3531 is my car stereo's unlock code

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My 1995 Volvo has a stock radio/cassette player (yes, cassette player) that has a self-locking anti-theft feature. Specifically, if the radio is disconnected from its power source (for instance, if the car battery is disconnected) the radio asks for a code before it will play. I don't know how many radio thefts this feature has prevented, but I suspect it's not too many. A potential thief would have to recognise ahead of time that, if stolen, the radio will be useless without its special four-digit code.

Skype ruins my layout

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I recently noticed that the main menu of a site I work on had an approximately 5x5 px white box at the beginning of the main menu that shouldn't be there. Some pages had it while others didn't. I tried to right-click and "Inspect element", but my context menu was the kind you get when you right-click on a Flash object. Huh? I didn't have any Flash on that page.

Ode to my Volvo 940

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In 2006 a friend needed to get rid of his 1995 Volvo 940. It had about 450 000 km, but drove nicely and was in good shape. At the time, I was driving a 1984 245 GLT and figured it was time to get something "newer". A very modest fee was negotiated and I used the 940 without incident until I left for Estonia in August 2007. It was a good car and I didn't want to get rid of it so I disconnected the battery and stored it on blocks in a barn for 3 years.

How about that! I'm a Drupal association member.

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