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Apr 2018 - After living in Canada all my life, I moved to Estonia in August 2007 to build web sites/applications for the Estonian Foreign Ministry. I was supposed to stay for a year but life got in the way and I was there for 3 years, coming back to Canada with a wife and two kids in August 2010.

I continued to work remotely for the Estonian Foreign Ministry and also took on freelance web projects to fill my time. In January 2011, I took a contract with TVO who were re-designing their website(s) and moving them to Drupal. After that project ended I moved to CGI, again working with Drupal on multiple projects. In autumn 2012 I joined the Drupal team at K2 Digital where I was reunited with a (relatively) large CGI emigré community.

In July 2013, eager to be closer to the EU economic crisis, we moved the family back to Estonia and I took a job with the Estonian Government Office (Riigikantselei = State Chancellery). I was a technical and support bridge in migrating existing Estonian ministry websites onto a shared Drupal platform.

In June 2015 I began working for Chromatic, a distributed U.S. company that specialises in Drupal. Distributed means I work from home, there's no office and all our work is done virtually, except for the two times per year we get together: our team retreat in December and DrupalCon in April/May.

With this personal site I add to the bulk of 1s and 0s in the world so that I can have a place to call my own. My blog entries are modest efforts to work out my own thoughts - mainly in the realm of working through technical issues. If even one wayward coder stumbles across this site and finds a solution to his/her problem, then I'll be satisfied as so many google searches and random blogs have helped me.

I spend my free time keeping up my tech skills, reading, dabbling with investing and finding excuses to skip exercise by hanging out at home with my family.

As purveyor of this site, I cannot be held responsible for your dissatisfaction nor are there any guarantees that you will not be offended.

p.s. Internet Explorer disclaimer I may or may not choose to eventually test this site in Internet Explorer. If you are viewing in a standards-compliant browser, this site's layout should be just fine. If you are using a dated version of IE, it's possible you can't even see this text. Too much of my life has been spent making things work once in standards-compliant browsers and then a 2nd time in Internet Explorer. Since this is my site, I have reserved the right to not really bother with IE.

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